Who Is Spencer Lloyd? American Idol 2014 Contestant Background Info
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Who Is Spencer Lloyd? American Idol 2014 Contestant Background Info

Wondering who will take the title of hottest dude on American Idol this season? We'd put our money on Top 31 standout Spencer Lloyd. Seriously — did you see him in the January 16 episode or on February 5 and 6 in Hollywood? This crooning cutie's got the kind of sexy eyes wannabe boy banders only dream of. Plus, he's got that whole first-name-could-be-a-last-name thing going, which is pretty much standard for hot dudes in the music industry.

Spencer arrives on Season 13 of Idol with an already devoted and lovesick following. Originally from Bryant, Arkansas, Spencer's Facebook profile (as unearthed by American Idol Net) features him rocking the house at various gigs. And just in case he wasn't attractive enough, boyo looks to play the guitar.

His list of favorite music includes Louis Armstrong and Relient K so we're thinking Spencer will lend a classic meets edgy vibe to the latest Idol installment.

We also perused the Twitter account that appears to be tied to Mr. Lloyd (or at least once was before he changed it) and uncovered a few gems. First, he already knows what he wants in a life partner: "If you can wear a braid better than Katniss, #WifeMaterial #goodluck #CatchingFire." Also, he really loves superhero movies and knows he’s getting a rep for sexiness: "So... I heard I was a 'hot monkey'...... hmmmm..... I'll take that as a compliment! Haha!"

It doesn't hurt that this "worship leader" seems to have the judges wrapped around his finger: "You're going to bring something to American Idol that needs to be there," Harry raved after one of Sam's auditions.

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